Crunchy Tortillas with tabasco warm salad and chicken thighs

Wandering between  the shelvers of the supermarket i saw a red pack that catched my attention and the yellow color of the corn in it so, i thought a new recipe with Crunchy Tortillas with tabasco warm salad and chicken thighs


Ingredients for two people

Crunchy Tortillas with tabasco warm salad and chicken thighs

Warm salad with peppers and aubergines

2 Big peppers                                                                                                

2 Big violet aubergines                                                                                     

1 Garlic cloves                                                                                                 

3 Basil leaves                                                                                                  

Salt enough                                                                                                

Chicken thighs                                                                                        

4 Chicken thighs                                                                                              

1 Garlic cloves                                                                                                 

1 EVO spoons                                                                                                  

Salt enough                                                                                                           


1 Crunchy tortillas pack  (250g)                                                                        

20 Tabasco drops                                                                                            


What we need

2 frying pan – 1 slate dish


How we do it

Warm salad with peppers and aubergines

Prepare the peppers by cutting the stem off, opening the peppers in half.

Pull out seeds, rince the peppers and cut them in strips.

Do the same thing with the aubergines but cut them in cubes.

Spill the oil in the pan add the garlic clove and make frying the aubergines then add then peppers.

Cook it at medium hot.

The frying could to dry in this case add water from time to time.

At the cooking-end cut the basil leaves into small pieces and add it then add salt and mix.

Let him warming cold.

Chicken thighs

Spill the oil in the pan after add the garlic clove then the thighs.

Let the thighs getting brown at high hot, add salt and let  them cook at medium hot and turning them upsidedown from time to time.


Put in the dishes

In the center of the dish put the salad then  the thighs on the salad finally let 2 tabasco drops drop over every thigh.

Put the tortillas in a circular way aroun the thighs  and don’t forget to spill a tabasco drop on the top of every tortilla; in this way the flavours are mixed.

I suggest you to eat first the chicken and to put the salad over every tortillas because so you can better taste the mingled flavours between the chicken and the corn of the tortillas that will be increased from the spicy aftertaste of the tabasco.

Below three different ways to put in the dishes this recipe.





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