Cold salad with tarragon and turkey thighs

Hi, In this season we need to eat cold dishes with the right nutritional balance. A cold salad with white meat like turkey makes the right nutritional balance. Here you have the cold salad with tarragon and turkey thighs. A flavours mix that gives to you back the right nutritional balance.


Ingredients for two people

Ingredients for the cold salad –   Quantity

Potatoes                                                          400 gr

Peppers                                                           2 big size

Tropea onion                                                    1

Pachino tomatoes                                             100 gr

Tarragon                                                          1 tea spoon

EVO                                                                 250 ml

Salt                                                                  a prick


Turkey thighs ingredients –        Quantity

Turkey                                                             400 gr

Rosemary                                                         1 little branch

Garlic                                                               1 clove

EVO                                                                 4 spoons

Salt                                                                  a prick

Whole bread                                                      200 gr



What we need

Pot (low edge), frying pan, bowl with a top, a slate dish or a flat dish.


Let’s cook

Cold salad with tarragon

Peel off potatoes and cut them in a cube shape, put them in the pot and spill the oil then cook at medium heat. In the meantime cut the onion and in tight stripes, rinse the tomatoes and do not cut them. When the potatoes become half cooked add the others ingredients ( you got the half cooking if you can put the fork in the potatoes). Add salt at the end cooking. Let’ s cool the salad, put in a bowl, cover it and leave it in the refrigerator for two hours.



Spill the oil in the pan, then put first the turkey then the garlic clove and finally rosemary. Cook at average heat.

Let’s serve

Cold salad with tarragon and turkey thighs

Slice bread in thin slices. Put the turkey at the center of the dish, on a part the salad and the bread on the other. From the top, spill the oil you used to cook from the turkey to the bread. In this way you can taste the turkey with a good wholemeal bread slice.  The flavour of the tarragon will join the turkey and bread leaving a delicious aftertaste.

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