Mozzarella cheese breaded

Hi, Mozzarella cheese breaded

( you can change the quantities in base how many people you have for dinner or lunch. I suggest to you to make at least three).



1 mozzarella cheese

3 spoons of flour

5 spoons of bread crumb

2 eggs

a prick of salt

¼ tea spoon of black pepper

¼ tea spoon of saffron



What we need

Frying pan – Dishes


How we do it

In a dish put the flour, in another plate the bread crumb adding the black pepper in and mix it.

Beat eggs adding salt and saffron.

Slice the mozzarella in thick slices.

Now you can to crumb in this sequence: first put the mozzarella in the flour and cover the two faces of the slice, then put them in the eggs and finally in the bread crumb taking care in this finally step to press the faces of the mozzarella.

Take the frying pan, spill the oil in and heat until it reaches the right temperature to fry, then put the slices in it. When they became gold put them out from the oil and set up in a dish where first you have put absorbent paper on top.



Here you have the mozzarella cheese breaded.

Take a look to the video


You can try to change the recipe with or without others species.

For kids: put the breaded mozzarella in a milk sandwich, slice the sandwich in half then spill EVO at the base of the bottom half of the sandwich then put the breaded mozzarella on the top.

Close the bread.

Here you have a good finger food and street food.


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