Blossomed donut – Ciambellone marmorizzato

Hi, here you have the ingredients and steps to make the big blossomed donut.

Why I’m calling in this way? Well, I’ll explain to you.

Let’s get started to say that many times I have read recipes about how to make the big marbled donut, at the step about how to mesh the simply mixture with the chocolate one mixture, I never have clearly read how to do.

So  I decided to show you the steps as if you were in the kitchen with me.

But let’s go in sequence.



Blossomed donut

200 gr butter or 135 ml of EVO (I am used to use the oil because makes the mixture more soft)

To convert the dose of butter in EVO you can follow the formula: in this case (200gr/3)x2=133,3

175 gr sugar

1 packet of vanillin

4 eggs

A pinch of salt

175 gr flour 00

125 gr frumina

1 packet of yeast for desserts

Bitter Cocoa

Lemon peel


Ok. Now the steps, you will see how simple and easy is to do the donut.


How we do it

Take a bowl.

I suggest you to melt the butter living at room temperature so with a mixer make it became in cream.

If you decided to use the oil then spill in the bowl.

Add sugar and keep on mixing add vanillin, eggs, salt and the lemon peels.  

Now the delicate step.

Add the sifted flour and the sifted frumina, if you not want to do this step then put slowly the flour and the frumina increasing the speed of the mixer.

Finally, the star of our result: the yeast. 

If the mixture has become thick add milk.

Put more than the half of the mixture in the dough mold, before to do this, butter up the mold  and cover with the flour to prevent at the mixture to become attached on the mold.

Now the exciting step.

Add the bitter cocoa at the mixture and mesh it with the mixer.

So take a spoon and add, in a circular way, the chocolate mixture.

 You can use a spoon or a fork instead of the knife to create the effect. The important thing is the movement you do to create the effect.

Then, with a sharp-pointed knife, slice the mixture like if you are cutting a cake. The movement of the knife allow at the chocolate mixture to come down and make the double layer.

On mine fb gsartecucina or instagram gsartecucina you can watch a video I made for you to show you this step.

Then baked.

It takes more or less of 50 min, but you can check, after that it has leavened, with a toothpick. Put the toothpick in the cake if pulling it out it is dry, the cake is ready.

Preheated the oven.

150 – 180 for electrical oven

160 -180 ventilated oven

190-210 gas

The blossomed donut now is ready. I created the flower shape, putting up and down the knife in the mixture.

Hoping I helped you.

give me a feedback if you liked or no.

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Take a cup of jasmine the with the Blossomed donut


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