Carbonara – Bucatini alla carbonara



Take a look at what they gave me.

A homemade bacon.



With her we can make many recipes but the first ever is:

The Carbonara

Carbonara Recipe


  • 200 gr of pancetta sliced into a big piece.
  • 3 eggs ( you can buy them from a farmer or a greengrocer alternatively buy them in a supermarket but pay attention on the label on the box,  there must be written “ hens breeding on ground” )
  • 1 spoon of extra virgin oil
  • Black pepper
  • Salt
  • 160 gr of pasta:  bucatini or restaurant spaghetti

What we need: 1 pot and 1 frying pan

How we do it

Pour the oil into the frying pan, then slice the pancetta into pieces and put them into the pan. Turn on the fire and let brown the pieces of bacon.

When fat bacon becomes gelatinous, turn off the fire.

In the meantime, beat eggs and add a little of black pepper.

Fill the pot with water and add salt, turn on the fire and cook the pasta.  When the bucatini are underdone drain them, then put them into the frying pan with the bacon and mix them.

Turn off the fire, pour eggs and keep on mix.

Here you have the gsartecucina’s carbonara.

Carbonara - Bucatini alla carbonara
Carbonara – bucatini alla carbonara

Imma thanks for helping me with the doses and translation

I love you little sister

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